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Durba , Watsa Territory Haut Uele Province Of The Democratic Republic Of Congo

Our Services

Our construction services form the foundation of operational success. From visionary camp designs to the meticulous maintenance of essential roads, we are the architects of your mining dreams. Our precision in construction schedule and resource management ensures that projects progress efficiently and seamlessly. Collaboration shines through our expert subcontractors and suppliers management.

Empower your projects with top-tier construction equipment. Our fleet includes excavators, bulldozers, and a range of specialized machinery. With our machinery, your operations gain efficiency, productivity, and the tools needed to bring your vision to life.

Our road goods haulage services redefine logistical prowess. Whether it’s containerized, flatbed, or low loader haulage, we optimize the movement of materials, bridging the gap between supply and demand seamlessly.

Efficient personnel transportation is essential. Our road staff haulage services provide safe and comfortable transport for your mining staff. With options ranging from buses to vans, we ensure your workforce moves smoothly.

Building excellence requires top-notch materials. Our construction materials, including aggregate, cement, steel, wood, and masonry, form the foundation of your projects. Quality isn’t just a promise; it’s our commitment.

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